Engineering Cloud computing.

Cloud computing has changed the way software gets developed, applications get deployed and even how companies have organised. The Cloud is no longer a matter of if, it is matter of when.

We are your ngine, the engine through the clouds. Our mission: Sustainable Cloud solutions focused on three key facotrs: Integrate, automate, scale!


There is no single Cloud, there are many, each with its strenghts, costs and behaviours. Selecting the right Cloud is hard in an agile organization. We think, a successful IT strategy allows to integrate with many Clouds based on business requirements.


Automation enables the development of the infrastructure and the adoption of best practices. It allows the simultaneous reproduction, testing and documentation of your infrastructure. We think automation is the basis for successful IT strategy.


React on demand based on external factors is the foundation of customers sadisfaction and optimized IT expenses. An IT that scales well results in high adoption to affordable costs. We think, scaling is a key factor of a successful IT strategy.